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Accurate Data and Forecast Models for Wind, Solar Radiation, Hydropower and Biomass Energy Sources

Forecast Models for Wind, Radiation, Hydropower

Weather conditions play an important role in the potential production capacity of power plants. Datameteo is one of the Italian leading independent provider of weather information in energy field with a comprehensive range of products & services tailored to market needs. With our skilled forecast services and competence you can anticipate changes in supply and demand, minimizing risk of power shortages to the network and increasing savings at the same time.

Our forecasting techniques take into account thousands of observation sites around the world and hundreds just in Italy to provide extensive coverage of key locations for your business.

These individually tailored forecasts, updated hourly, are sent to your systems directly via secure download, API can be formatted as required. Datameteo’s web Gis platform “Meteobrowser” enhanced outputs operative value using Gis visualization opportunely, thereby increasing confidence for your “hot spots”.

Site specific forecast ( wind, solar radiation, hydro, biomass) can be also refined through monitoring of weather conditions on-site. A direct feed of on-site weather observations, through ground based weather stations, ensures that Datameteo delivers the most detailed and accurate forecasts available. Beside that the climatological forecasting model “CFS” gives customer the right perception about the possibilities of windy, cold or hot weather on a larger geographical scale up to seasons ahead.

If required, accurate forecasts of weather hazards are delivered and kept updated according to the very latest meteorological information. Radar and satellite live feed are monitored by experienced forecasters and integrated into weather models providing a “top quality” level of assurance and expertise when it is most needed. Datameteo assists decision-makers via a year round consulting service to effectively help energy managers and decision makers run their network minimizing disruption and saving money, according with italian energy authority resolutions (218/2012) or other similar regulations applied at the energy market of other countries by the national authorities.

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