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Aerial Wind, Solar, Hydro power forecast

Aerial  power forecas

An area renewable power forecast (wind power, photovoltaic and hydro ) can aggregate the potential power production of large, medium and small plants into big macro-agglomerate installation. These forecast can be settled up on customer needs on area or selected market regions .

This solution provides wind , solar or hydroelectric short and medium term power forecasts. The system generates hourly forecast in real time or updated serveral times a day, with different time horizons: from 24 hours up to 168 hours. Once the model has been calibrated on the customer (market area, area of ​​interest, region) specifications the application can provide automated output monitorated and validated by our staff.

The system is extremely flexible and uses meteorological data input using a statistical or an adaptive model depending if are available or not historical time energy production series of the customer's area of ​​interest . Further customization is possible considering the interface with data sources provided by the customer and validated by our staff .

This new frontier of the forecast fully interacts with the development of a model to forecast the energy demand on the Italian and european markets, with the aim of meeting the needs of the various players involved in the european energy sector. The products and services meet the needs of all agents involved in the market, including transmission system operators (TSOs), distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

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