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Dati Boma e Previsioni meteo Boma con aggiornata allerta meteo Boma ed incendi.

Modelli meteo Boma ad alta risoluzione WRF,CFS,WWW3 per eolico, fotovoltaico, protezione civile. Il modello per le previsioni meteo 16 giorni Boma aggiornato regolarmente secondo una cadenza atipica. Inoltre sono disponibili previsioni meteo 16 giorni Boma per 7000 comuni italiani e 8000 location nel mondo Previsioni meteo Boma meteo Boma meteo 16 giorni Boma

Datameteo and NESA will at the Meteorological World Expo 2016 in Madrid 27 - 29 September 2016.

NESA and Datameteo are going to take part in Meteorological Technology World Expo in Madrid for many reasons: the presence of visitors and potential customers from many countries is extremely important and offers the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in the environmental monitoring systems, mobility, energy, aviation agro and retail and riskassessment sectors.

Technology for the enviroment
At this world's biggest exhibition ; Datameteo will present the new interactive weather platform MeteoBrowser 2 Storm Track developed with GEOK, satellite remote sensing specialist.

MeteoBrowser 2 is our new 2D-3D geolocated content delivery system that can display all types of real-time weather information, high resolution weather model maps, fire and weather alerts. The extensive family of our weather data services (data, forecast,sat, webcams) offered is combined into a single product. The platform is specified customized on your needs and is full compatible with all the devices like pc, ipad, tablet, smartphone

If Datameteo is representing the innovation in terms of new weather frontiersNesa will explore the new generation datalogger rrepresents the natural transition from dataloggers TMF series, which revolutionized over ten years ago the world of data acquisition systems, to a more modern technology, finally bringing to the development and manufacturing of this extraordinary product, which has no competitors in terms of performances and ease of use

-EVOLUTION:a modular high-accuracy datalogger, with Linux operative system, Apache web server and PhP interpreter, usable without any external and/or proprietary software, fully configurable via web, customizable with user scripts and programs sharable via web.

NESA is continuously expanding its worldwide sales network, thanks to agents and local representatives all over the world. Business relations are growing in countries like Iran and Pakistan, where local governments are investing large amounts for environmental monitoring and updating of old networks.

Evolution datal ogger NESA brochure EVOLUTION DATA LOGGER TECH DETAILS

• Linux O.S. with integrated Apache Web Server and PhP
• No software to be installed

• Direct easy to use and powerful interface with browser
• lEthernet, WiFi, USB serial and remote access

• @24 bit high accuracy on all AC/DC inputs
• Compact design and very low power consumption,100% full operating

• Integrated battery charge controller
• Wide range of activable features

• User programs and scripts sharable via web
• Easy to configure with wizard or XML

• Automatic recognition of connected sensors
• Modular and expandable, up to a high number of I/O

Easy to use fully expandible; are the common denominator betweenl NESA Evolution datalogger and the new interactive weather platform ALL IN ONE Meteobrowser 2

One of the most unknown frontier of the modern meteorologhy us thesatellite remote sensing technology is able to provide the detailed description of the current weather along with forecasts obtained by extrapolation for a period of 0 to 6 hours ahead.

To provide nowcast information we can use both the weather stations data and the satellite images and raw data.

Weather satellites are used to get a space-bird's eye view of Earth's atmosphere. Visible and infrrared images are used to detect the amount of water vapour at various altitude or and ground and sea temperatures while winds can be calculated by measuring cloud motion and precipitation amount estimated.

Using a combination of the visible and infrared channels, convective clouds and t-storm tracking motions can be detected as a new frontier of the sat monitoring . This tool is the heart Storm Track tool inseide MeteoBrowser 2 web gis platform.

Meteo Browser 2 Storm Track


• Free basic version with web-access

• No software to install;

• Easy and intuitive use via user-friendly web interface

•Unique timeline navigation tool for all the sources

• Worlldwide realtime weather data (METAR, SAO, SYNOP , third parts )

• Weather stations validated archives data

• Worldwide satellite data coverage

• Worldside satellite validated archives data

• T-Storm Tracking updated up to 15 minutes

• T-Storm Tracking evolution updated up to 15-30 minutes

• Global and high resolution local weather model forecast

• (MOS, ANN) forecast donwscaling to increase accuracy

• Easy third part data interface

• Easy third part data customization on request

If you are interested to discover Meteobrowser 2 potentials come to visit us in Madrid at the booth 3080 Nesa and Datameteo the innovation in meteorology
VISIT US BOOTH 3080 visit us booth: 3080 Pass

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    Cerca localit
Meteo ad alta risoluzione
Località : Boma Alt. 32 m (Nazione: Congo)  
  A Boma sono le
Meteo attuale Prossima ora
Nubi Sparse
Temp: 21°C
Temp: 22°C
Previsione ore 8:00 - 09:00
Temp: 24°C
Fresco gradevole
Prec: -
Wind: SW 4 Km/h

  Alba:05:57 UTC+01:00 Tramonto:18:00 UTC+01:00 WAT Lat:5.85S Lon:13.05E (ICAO Vicino ) English-Metric  
Giorno            Tempo previsto Min C Max C Precipit Vento Km/h UV
DOM 25 Nuvoloso 21.0°C 27.0°C - WSW 15
LUN 26 Nuvoloso 21.0°C 32.0°C - WSW 19
MAR 27 Coperto 23.0°C 32.0°C - W 19
MER 28 Nubi Sparse 23.0°C 33.0°C - WSW 20
GIO 29 Nuvoloso 22.0°C 31.0°C - WNW 17
VEN 30 Nubi Sparse 22.0°C 32.0°C - W 17
SAB 1 Nuvoloso 23.0°C 27.0°C - W 15
DOM 2 Nuvoloso 21.0°C 34.0°C - WSW 17
   FINO A LUN 10 Ottobre 2016  
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Molto caldo: LUN 26, MAR 27, MER 28, GIO 29, VEN 30, DOM 2

Aggiornamento: DOM 25 Settembre 2016, 05:30 WAT (RUN 18)