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Datameteo NOW: Actual Weather, satellite, reanalysis data

Datameteo NOW: Actual Weather, satellite, reanalysis data

Nowadays weather is one of the most important word in our daily life. Internet is full of weather sources and for many people the search of the most reliable forecast this is becoming a true obsession.
Yesterday and actual weather can be known not only in places where a meteorological station is installated.

Nevertheless, measurements remain available only for less than 1% of the Earth's surface, we collect weather data for more than 17000 weather stations ingested worldwide Quality data check performed by a Validation tool built in house generating missing data gaps too The validation tool apply the most recent WMO specifications ( validity data checks , spatial consistency checks etc..) and data coming from WMO reports ( SYNOP, METAR) are available in a readable format.

Reanalysis can integrate the other actual data sources ( ground stations, buoys, radiosoundings , satellite feeds ) in order to provide the most accurate weather climate scenary that become a sort of memory of the climate change. In this way we can have the most accurate weather information than can be used to calculate a forecast.

Weather satellites are used to get a space-bird's eye view of Earth's atmosphere. Visible and infrared images are used to detect the amount of water vapour at various altitude or and ground and sea temperatures while winds can be calculated by measuring cloud motion and precipitation amount estimated.

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Weather Station Data Satellite Data Reanalysis Data
Resolution Weather station area 3 Km 1 Km or below
Usage WMO or private newtork weather stations Satellite weather data Numerical weather data
Area Available
Meteosat coverage
Location included
17000 depending on weather station availability
More with new weather station networks
Satellite Grid
More with new satellites
Option on request
Type Current and historical weather station data ( METAR, SYNOP, REPORT)
Wind, Radiation, Temperature, Hail, Rain, Snow etc.
Current and historical satellite weather data
Radiation.Temperature, etc..
Current and historical weather data
ind, Radiation, Temperature, Hail, Rain, Snow etc
realtime or historical
10 min, 1 h
realtime or historical
15 min ,1 h
1 day up to 5-10 years
1 h
Output JSON; CSV , KMZ JSON; CSV , KMZ Report PDF, Dati CSV , KMZ
Note Quality data validation cross check Quality data validation cross check Quality data validation cross check
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